I’ll be going in-depth to explore a shameful and disgusting part of online forums and fantasies, a place where perverts like Joseph Uyinmwen thrive and how dangerous this is for women world wide, especially with everything that’s happened since Sarah Everard’s kidnap and murder.

Joseph Uyinmwen — The face of a Predator

Joseph Uyinmwen is a known figure in an online community for perverts. These perverts call themselves “chikans” and engage in frotteurism, a form of sexual gratification of rubbing yourself upon someone who isn’t consenting. These “chikans” like to post about their experiences on online forums, the most popular ones being Ayashi’s Frottophillia board and Joseph’s own personal website.

Joseph caught our eye because he would post specific stories of how he would molest women and girls on London’s busy transport systems, such as trains, buses and even protests and concerts. He even went as far as to record himself molesting his victims and uploading them to his personal website. Disgusted by what we saw, we wanted to bring awareness to people like Joseph so women can feel protected and safe from predators like him.

We learnt a lot about Joseph and this underground “encoxada” community. For starters, Joseph likes going by the alias “BigT” or sometimes even boldly using his own name for these websites. He was also owner of XXXEncoxada.com, a website that hosted videos of women and underage girls being groped and molested in public. The website has since been rightfully seized by authorities, but it’s owner Joseph Uyinmwen, remains free.

Joseph was bold enough to upload four videos of himself molesting women and girls in public. These videos were viewable on his XXXEncoxada website before it was taken down by law enforcement. We did manage to download them beforehand to forward to the authorities as evidence of his crimes against women. Click here for the video evidence of Joseph’s crimes.

Joseph, also known as “BigT” on Ayashi’s Frottophillia board, likes to detail his abuses. We have compiled some stories of his with their links.

Story #1 – Abusing a woman with mental disabilities
Story #2 – Abusing a woman at an anti Lockdown protest
Story #3 – Abusing another woman at anti Lockdown protest
Story #4 – Abusing two women on the public transit

Joseph Uyinmwen, “BigT”, boasting about his recent “success” at groping women at a London protest.
Joseph Uyinmwen, “BigT”, complaining how protests are over in London and how he prefers groping women in protests rather than on London transport.

Joseph has written multiple stories of him molesting and abusing women and underage girls throughout his years on the Ayashi board. The fact predators like him are still able to roam about is frightening and worrisome, considering everything going on with women safety. If we truly want to make a safe environment for our girls, then the first step is getting rid of predators like Joseph.

Through public records, we are able to know Joseph’s personal information and location. We are forwarding all of this information to the police, in hopes they take action and get rid of one predator from our streets. In one of Joseph’s videos, he is seen rubbing his penis on an unsuspected girl at what appears to be a premier opening of a movie of some sort (The official title of the video was “BigT: teen rubbing all over his exposed cock at premiere near friends”). In the video, it is clear the girl is under the age of 18 and that Joseph is taking advantage of a packed premiere opening that he is groping this underage girl and going as far as to bring out his penis in public while groping her. Everything can be seen in the video we provided above in the MEGA link for evidence.

Joseph Uyinmwen, “BigT”, stating that he frequents premieres and goes on to detail a story where he sexually abuses a mentally challenged girl
Joseph Uyinmwen, “BigT”, upset that premieres are being cancelled. They were his frequent spots for groping women and girls.

We were also able to confirm his identity through his Reddit account(He has since deleted it, however when you Google his username “Cybertyrone” and go to Google images you can see his old pictures). He used his Reddit account, Cybertyrone, to advertise his personal fetish website XXXEncoxada, which has since been seized by law enforcement for hosting abusing content towards women and child pornography.

As we scrolled down through Joseph’s Reddit account, we managed to find explicit photos that he uploaded himself. Joseph’s sexual depravity is seen in full view on his Reddit account, as he shamelessly uploads explicit pictures of himself. By doing this, we were able to compare the penis pictures he uploaded on his Reddit account with the penis we saw in his video of him groping an underage girl with his bare penis. We were able to see the similarities between the penises as more evidence against Joseph Uyinmwen.

Another image of Joseph Uyinmwen (aka “BigT”). He nicknamed himself the “Bodybuilding Chikan” as he used to be a personal trainer.

We have already anonymously reported Joseph to the authorities, but we’re afraid we are not being taken seriously enough. We are sick of women’s safety not being taken seriously. We are sick of predators like Joseph being let off by the police. We demand the police take action and investigate Joseph and his long history of abusing women and girls in London.

Joseph Uyinmwen — The face of a Predator

If you want to report Joseph and need information:
His personal information including address
Email us: stopjoseph@protonmail.com
Tweet us: https://twitter.com/Stop_JosephU

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