Ever since we began our campaign to target and expose sexual predators and managed to get the identity of a prominent member in the perverted online community (Joseph Uyinmwen) he has made a little campaign of his own to try save his reputation and to spin everything to make him look like the good guy. After everything we’ve seen, it is quite clear and apparent that Joseph is not only a serial predator, but also mentally unstable and shouldn’t have access to the internet or be allowed to roam around London freely.

Joseph’s first course of action was to try delete everything he can that could get him in trouble. That included his Reddit account and even getting the Ayashi board, which hoarded thousands of stories of confessed sexual predators, to shut down. We were not expecting the board to shut down, but thanks to archive tools we managed to at least archive some of his stories and screenshot other statements he made under the alias “The Bodybuilding Chikan: BigT”.

Joseph deleted his Reddit account in hopes of hiding his past. Luckily, you can still see the images he uploaded with that user through Google Images. Click here for an archive.
The Ayashi board, which hosted many of Joseph’s perverted stories, has since been deleted. To view an archive of the website please click here.

Next, he made two fake websites (Sinite and The Washington Mail) and wrote fake articles about shutting down another pervert forum and trying to portray himself as some sort of hero. We were aware of the Ayashi board and his own website, XXXEncoxada (he has also deleted this website and redirected it to a fake article he wrote about himself) but not of the others. We do know, for a fact, that he was the owner of XXXEncoxada and he pretended it was seized by the FBI so we wouldn’t bother exposing him even further and reporting him to the Police. It became apparent this was not the case when we checked the website and noticed the FBI notice was gone and it redirected to a fake article he wrote about himself. Not only that, but when he found out about our website he made his own website and claimed our allegations were false and that somehow we were the perverts.

The domain for Sinite’s website was purchased back in October 2020. The website hasn’t been used since until February 2021, coincidentally once we began digging into the perverted underground. No other information is given online about Sinite or it’s history, owner, or workers. Many of the articles on the website is copied and pasted from other news sites.
The domain for The Washington Mail was purchased on the 31st January 2021, a relatively new website. There is also no history or information for this news website, it appeared out of nowhere and also reposts news from other websites. The address they have on their website isn’t even a real address.

After looking at Sinite and The Washington Mail, it was very clear that these two websites were fake. No social media, no organic posts, all of their stories are from February/March 2021, and the domains were recently purchased. Joseph thinks he can squirm his predatory ass out of this one, but we won’t give up until justice is served.

Not only that, but we also managed to get these images. When their website, Sinite.co.uk, down temporarily down, it showed Joseph’s name and personal email as the webmaster. This is definitive proof that Joseph is behind these fake news websites to try save his image and make him look like a hero. Unfortunately for him, he got sloppy.

We clearly see the email for the webmaster of Sinite is webmaster@sinite2.josephuyinmwen.com. Sinite is hosted on the same server Joseph hosts his personal website.

When we discovered Joseph was also the webmaster and owner of the pornographic website XXXEncoxada, a website where he uploaded his own videos of him molesting women, he quickly deleted it and redirected it to his fake website. Unfortunately for him, Google archived it.

Again, we see Joseph’s email yet again for the webmaster for XXXEncoxada, a website that hosted multiple videos of men like Joseph molesting women and even underage girls.
This is what XXXEncoxada used to look like before Joseph tried covering his tracks and redirecting it to his fake news website.
When Joseph found out about our website he made his own to try paint himself as a hero and also a victim. Joseph, if you’re innocent, then you wouldn’t be trying so hard to delete everything related to you and your perveted activities. Turn yourself in and let the police decide whether or not you’re truly innocent.

Joseph, if you’re really innocent as you claim to be and that everything we’ve posted about you is apparently false, then why don’t you turn yourself into the police and let them question you? Let the police search your devices and look at your travel history and purchases through your bank to see if you really the alias “BigT, The Bodybuilding Chikan”. We know you won’t, because you ARE guilty.

No amount of deleting or fake websites will stop the truth from coming out!

If you want to report Joseph and need information:
His personal information including address
Email us: stopjoseph@protonmail.com
Tweet us: https://twitter.com/Stop_JosephU
Where to report: