Joseph Uyinmwen has a long history of sexually abusing women and girls. He first began his journey by groping women on crowded buses and trains, before then moving on to other venues like concerts, protests, premieres, parties, and so on.

Joseph Uyinmwen was very vocal and descriptive of his illegal activities on the frotteurism forum “Ayashi“. On this board you can see Joseph Uyinmwen under the alias “BigT”making hundreds of posts about his sexual conquest of abusing women and underage girls throughout the years. He has even went as far as to make 4 recordings of him abusing women in public.

On this page we will compile all the evidence we can find from his posts on the Ayashi board. We have also included the four videos he has made and uploaded. In one of the videos he is abusing a teenage girl and even brings out his penis to rub against her without her consent or knowledge.

Story #1 – Abusing a woman with mental disabilities
Story #2 – Abusing a woman at an anti Lockdown protest
Story #3 – Abusing another woman at anti Lockdown protest
Story #4 – Abusing two women on the public transit

To view his recordings, please check these links:
MEGA link of all his videos
Archive link

In one of the videos, he is molesting an underage teenage girl and then even brings out his penis to rub against her.